Members say ‘no’ to children’s mug treat

David Bretherton
David Bretherton

The town council has been criticised after it voted against matching funding to provide Thame’s schoolchildren with Jubilee mugs.

More than £1,000 was raised over the Jubilee weekend with a quiz, to give the youngsters something to remember the event by. But around £2,000 was needed to buy the necessary amount.

Peter Lambert

Peter Lambert

“I think the council has let the town down in a way,” said former mayor and town councillor David Bretherton.

“I’m pretty disappointed as, while the quiz was originally organised to help fund Jubilee events, when these didn’t go ahead I thought the mug idea was a nice one.

“But some people didn’t seem to think it was appropriate, although I didn’t agree with them based on the points made.”

Reasons given by councillors opposing the grant included the lateness of the application – it was discussed at council last Tuesday while grants were decided four weeks ago.

Deputy mayor and landlord of The Cross Keys pub in Thame, Peter Lambert, said: “I’m sorry, but it was just too late – the jubilee was two months ago. It’s been and gone.

“The council has been spending a lot of time on the neighbourhood plan which I think is far more important.

“I also think that as a lot of people were disgruntled, we didn’t have any celebrations in Thame for the Jubilee, it could well have just upset people again.

“For the town council to have matched the funding so long after the event, it would have just rubbed salt in the wound.

“Not only that, but we’ve already dished out £14,000 in grants this year.

“I would have loved to have seen something happen for the Jubilee in Thame. It would have been so nice to have celebrated it in a big way, but people shouldn’t have relied on the council to have orgnised things – it costs a lot of money.”

Businesses in Thame are now hoping to raise enough money to supply the children with the mugs themselves.