Meet the wolfman of Aylesbury

He’s a common but bizarre sight in Aylesbury town centre – a giant furry wolf sporting a blue mohican.

His name is Volf and although he asked us to keep his identity a secret, he let The Bucks Herald in on the inspiration behind his unusual hobby.

Volf the Aylesbury wolf

Volf the Aylesbury wolf

The IT worker, who is part of an international subculture called Furry Fandom, said: “I’ve been part of this fandom for 10 years now.

“I’ve been suiting for about five years in a range of different costumes and versions of Volf.

“The one I have now is Volf mark three who I’ve owned for three years.

“I came across the fandom during my time in college on a fine art course. We had to research tribal masks and at the time, I was trying to develop my graphic novel.

Volf the Aylesbury wolf

Volf the Aylesbury wolf

“So I thought I’d Google wolf masks just to see if anything would come up.

“That’s when I stumbled across these costumes. Some had amazing details, almost life-like, very well made and at the time I never really thought to myself that I’d want to own one, but over time I kept looking more into it.”

Volf, 28, ordered the custom-made costume based on his own drawings, and his furry alter ego was born.

During his time as Volf he has raised more than £1,000 for charity – and put a smile on the faces of children and adults alike with his town centre jaunts.

Volf, who saved for a year to buy the suit, said: “The nicest thing I see is when people smile and wave back, and when they come up for a hug. That’s what makes it for me.

“After an hour, it’s hot and not comfy. It’s very energy draining and the vision is poor.

“But the smiles that it brings to others from me just acting goofy, is more than worth it to me, so I keep going and put my all into it.”

Volf’s hobby has seen him travel as far as America, to meet like-minded people at conventions.

He said: “Ten years ago, I was very quiet, shy and hidden away from people. But here, I’ve really opened up to people.”