Meet the real-life Mr Bump whose latest calamity is breaking prized guitar

Accident prone guitarist John Cadman
Accident prone guitarist John Cadman

A rock star smashing their guitar on stage is a familiar site – but one classical musician is counting the cost of breaking his £6,500 prized instrument.

Concert guitarist John Cadman had played the A A Jones guitar since he was 16.

But when setting out to practice in the rehearsal room at the bottom of his garden, John, who is now in his 60s, slipped and squashed the guitar.

John, who gives classical recitals around the country and has produced five albums, said: “The guitar was given to me by my parents as a reward for winning first prize in several music festivals and gaining a Bucks County Council scholarship to study music for four years full-time.

“When I started to fall I wasn’t as concerned about me as I was about the guitar, it’s been my musical companion for donkey’s years and I had just put a new set of strings on it.

“This is the first guitar I’ve broken, but it’s the best guitar I’ve ever owned- but luckily my son is a furniture maker so hopefully he can fix it.”

As well as breaking the guitar, John also injured himself in the accident on February 20.

The force of the blow aggravated an old injury in his left leg, caused after he chased an intruder who tried to break into his home.

John, who lives in Cheddington and also plays the flute, said: “I’ve been walking up and down that garden for so many years – but this time I had my favourite guitar in my hands.

“It was one of those silly things where I couldn’t even remember what happened afterwards, but I tripped on some concrete.

“I am gradually getting better, I did a bit of practice yesterday but I can’t stand up for very long.”

The prized guitar has appeared on stage with John thousands of times, since he performed his first recital aged 21.

And while recovering from the fall, John has concentrated on composing new music, and is hopeful that he can perform at a tour of solo recitals in churches later in the year.

But it is not the first time the accident prone musician has got into difficulties.

In his youth he fell off a Devon cliff and had to be rescued after breaking a number of bones .

And he has got into frequent scrapes over the years while taking part in his Land Rover racing hobby.

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