Maths triathlete is A-level above with UK’s top score

Marcus Nielsen with Aylesbury Grammar School head Stephen Lehec
Marcus Nielsen with Aylesbury Grammar School head Stephen Lehec

An Aylesbury Grammar School pupil is the highest performing maths A-level student in the entire country.

Marcus Nielsen was entered for the ‘maths triathlon’ of mathematics,further mathematics and additional further mathematics, and was one of only eight students to earn more than 1, 700 marks.

The 18 year old’s final score of 1,768 was the best by a distance and means that, incredibly, he lost fewer than two marks per exam.

Marcus, from Princes Risborough, was also a first team football player at the school and was completely unaware of his achievement until he returned for an Old Boys match over the summer break.

He said: “We were being managed by the headmaster and he casually asked if I had heard the news. I was very surprised when it was dropped on me! I’m proud, but I don’t think the scale of it has dawned on me yet.”

Marcus spent most of his school career taking maths classes up to two years ahead of his peers.

His maths teacher Julie Smith, said: “Marcus is an ideal student. He did everything perfectly, but was still very down to earth.

“He was always happy to help the other boys when they asked him, which they often did!’

He is now preparing to start at Cambridge University and there are no prizes for guessing his choice of subject.

“Unsurprisingly I’m studying maths at uni, and I’m really looking forward to everything about it’.”

Headmaster Stephen Lehec said: “We are tremendously proud of Marcus’s result and all his hard work.”