Market stall in Thame a hub for stories of migrants

Hazel Boundy
Hazel Boundy

A woman from Thame is taking a market stall to ask residents about their own journey to the town.

How you came to live in Thame, what makes you feel at home, are just some of the the experiences Hazel Boundy is inviting people to share.

You have your chance to tell your own story at her stall being held at Thame Charter Market on Tuesday, June 26 and again on Tuesday, July 10.

Hazel said: “Many residents have come from other places - from cities large and small, from the countryside, from places nearby or from far away. Why were these moves made? What are the individual stories of these journeys of migration? Each new arrival has their own personal journey to relate.

“Come to visit the small table with two chairs opposite Michael Broun’s egg stall, and share your story that has, perhaps, never yet been told.”

The stall is part of Hazel’s Major Project that is the culmination of an MA in Social Sculpture and Connective Practice at Oxford Brookes University. The stories are part of an exploration into ‘Who are Migrants? What is Migration?’

Hazel added: “At this time of massive expansion in local towns and villages there are many newcomers. Thame is an especially friendly and welcoming town.

“I began to think what can it be like to come to a new place and do you make new friends and forge new histories?

“How did all these people both recent and from times gone by do this and why did they choose Thame. What has made them feel at home?”

If you cannnot make it to the stall on either of the dates, you can email Hazel at