Marillion man has the key to dream job

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AS job opportunities go it is hard to beat – travel around the globe with a world famous band and get a decent wage in the process.

But that is exactly what is on offer to the right candidate living here in the Vale.

Aylesbury-based group Marillion are searching for a keyboard technician to go on their world tour – and they want to recruit someone local for the role.

Keyboard player Mark Kelly said: “We want someone to come on the road with us, travel with the band and crew and set up my equipment, making sure it works, being there for the sound check and breaking it all down at the end of the show.

“To be honest it is quite an easy job for a young person who is unemployed and reasonably intelligent and a chance for them to see the world.

“We thought it would be nice to find somebody local as there are so many unemployed people around.”

The only specific knowledge required is that of Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), which Kelly said is well known to anyone with a basic knowledge of keyboards.

“Anybody who can handle a soldering iron would be useful if a cable breaks,” he added.

“We need someone who is fairly tidy, organised and conscientious who does not forget to do things.”

Kelly said the job pays around £130 a day.

The successful candidate would need to be available from September when the band starts its UK tour. Then in October the band begins its Latin American tour, which includes gigs at exotic cities such as Rio in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Santiago in Chile, Bogota in Colombia and Mexico City.

The band’s former keyboard technician spent 10 years with the group and now works for Sir Elton John.

“You get to know people and you get a decent reputation you get recommended for other gigs,” said Kelly.

To apply send a few paragraphs about yourself to