Mandeville School in special measures

Interim headteacher Geralyn Wilson
Interim headteacher Geralyn Wilson

The Mandeville School has been put in special measures following an Ofsted inspection.

Inspectors found not all teachers mark books regularly, too much teaching is inadequate and students’ behaviour requires improvement.

Following the inspection on November 8 and 9, Ofsted also said achievement is inadequate, school leaders have failed to deal with issues raised at the previous inspection and the amount of students who achieve five A* to C grades at the end of Year 11 has fallen.

The school was graded ‘satisfactory’ at its last inspection, but has now been told it is ‘inadequate’. It was previously in special measures between 2001 and 2003.

Other points raised by inspectors were:

> Information about students’ achievement is only used by a minority of teachers to plan work that is at the right level for students’ abilities.

> Senior leaders do not share information about students’ progress with staff in a way that enables teachers to understand how well students are doing.

> Leaders’ views on the school’s strengths and weaknesses and the quality of teaching are inaccurate. Planning for improvement is imprecise and unfocused.

> Governors do not understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school and how to interpret information about students’ achievement, so they are unable to challenge and support the leadership team. They are not clear how funding is spent.

The report did note some strengths, including that student behaviour has improved since the arrival of the interim headteacher, Geralyn Wilson, who is also said to have the full support from colleagues for changes she is making.