Man who dropped to eight-and-a-half stone due to irritable bowel syndrome finally finds relief after 30 years

Adrian Williams from Thame suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) PNL-150226-103149001
Adrian Williams from Thame suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) PNL-150226-103149001

A man who found it difficult to leave his home due to terrible bowel pains has spoken of his relief after finding a cure to his problems after more than 30 years.

Adrian Williams, 60, from Glenham Road, Thame was first diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 32 years ago.

He said: “My weight dropped to 8.5 stone and I went to see a doctor at Wycombe hospital about the stomach pain and diarrhoea I was experiencing.

“There was not much known about the condition at the time and how to deal with it or find a solution.

“There are usually two types of IBS - and I had the condition which means you can’t stop going to the toilet.

“As I worked 13 miles away it was a challenge for me to get to work without needing to or feeling the need to stop to go to the toilet. It was a real problem and because it was self-perpetuating stress did not help.”

None of the medicines that Mr Williams was prescribed helped his condition until his wife read an article about Symprove - a bacteria drink, proven in a hospital study to combat IBS with no adverse effects.

Mr Williams, who works as a technical advisor for a company in Oxfordshire said he noticed an improvement after just one week.

He said: “It really made a difference and now I don’t take anywhere near the amount of medication I used to take.

“My message to others would be that a lot of men get it and it should be taken more seriously because it does impact your life.”