Man sleeps rough to draw focus on plight of homeless

Chris McEvoy (left) with homeless David Ladyman
Chris McEvoy (left) with homeless David Ladyman

A former homeless man is hoping his public demonstration of sleeping rough will raise awareness for the need of a shelter in Aylesbury.

After a life of drugs, a long list of convictions including assault and sleeping rough, Chris McEvoy, 29, of Southcourt, managed to turn his life around with the help of Aylesbury Vineyard Church.

And since Friday he has been demonstrating in Aylesbury’s Market Square in a bid to give the homeless a voice.

Mr McEvoy, who runs his own window cleaning company and works for Quinlan Gardening Services, said: “It has brought back all my memories of being homeless.

“Just the sort of nights where you sit and think and think.

“It’s taken it’s toll on me for some reason but it just needs to be done.”

The former John Colet pupil identified the recent example of Anasdasaja Mamedova, who was found dead at Bierton canal bridge and was believed to have been sleeping rough, as evidence of people needing help.

“That young girl in Broughton who died a couple weeks ago, she needed a voice,” he said.

“If we had a homeless shelter she would have got the help she needed.”

Mr McEvoy said he will be taking donations for his campaign to give to the Vineyard Church.

He also has his sights set on setting up an Aylesbury soup kitchen to help the less fortunate.