Man’s nipple burned off in barbecue inferno

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A MAN nearly lost his eye and burned off his nipple after being engulfed in flames from his petrol-lit barbecue.

Dane Benjamin, 23, of Orchard Way, Aylesbury, suffered extensive burns to his face, arms and upper body after he attempted to light his barbecue in his back garden using a can of petrol.

Dane, who combined with his girlfriend, has six children, said: “We had some friends round and I tried to light the barbecue using a little petrol.

“When it wouldn’t work, I decided to put some more on it, only this time the fire went up into the can and caught fire before it exploded in my hand.

“At first I didn’t feel anything, and began putting the fire out which had spread to the shed, where there was more petrol, and into the kitchen.

“There was a whole crowd of people which had begun to gather by my fence, as they’d heard the bang from the can exploding on the housing estate more than 500 yards away.

“My friend tried to grab the hosepipe to put me out, but that was on fire too.

“I was on fire all over – I ended up having to rip off my shirt and I was rolling around on the floor, beating my chest with my hands trying to put out the flames.

“The pain afterwards from the burns was just unbearable – and if it wasn’t for my friend putting it out, my whole house would have gone up – with my children and girlfriend inside it.

“I would just like to tell everyone not to play with fire – you will get burned.

“People use petrol in their cars and their lawnmowers, so they take it for granted in their mind as a safe substance.

“Well it’s not. Not at all. I have no idea why I decided to use the petrol like I did, but there’s no chance I’ll ever do that again.

“I’m lucky – if I didn’t wear glasses I’d have lost one eye.

“I’ve already burned off a nipple as it is.”