‘Luxury’ Pinchbeck homes approved despite protest

South Holland District Council
South Holland District Council

A private development of 10 new luxury homes is set to be built in Pinchbeck after plans were approved.

But the homes come at a cost for one family, whose much-loved views over countryside will disappear.

The 10 homes will be built on a green site, screened by trees and partially within Pinchbeck’s conservation 
area, down a long private drive off Spalding Road.

There is an open boundary to the south, with the properties beyond seperated by an open drain, where Denise Chandler-Steele, her family and parents currently reside.

Mrs Chandler-Steele told councillors there were two more suitable sites, that there was no need for more ‘executive’ homes, that pollution will increase and that it would 
“ruin” her parents’ lives.

Coun Andrew Tennant said the homes would “add something to the mix of the area”, while committee chairman, Coun Roger Gambba-Jones urged members to consider the type of housing needed to attract high-earning workers to the area, describing the decision as “a Catch 22 situation”.

Coun Brian Alcock said that he was torn about the development, saying: “I welcome the houses because I do think of the need for a mix, but I am torn because of the history of the area.”

Coun Christine Lawton concurred, adding: “I recognise the need for executive housing, if we want to attract those people to the area, we need those sort of homes.”

As part of the approval, developer Messrs AJ and RJ Cooke will make a section 106 contribution towards the construction of local affordable homes, which has been estimated to be in the region of £270,000.

Councillors approved the plans, with two members abstaining. Some 39 conditions – mostly environmental – have been attached to the consent.