Looking to drop a dress size in six weeks

HAVE you ever thought the time was right to make a concerted effort to get fit?

Well The Gazette’s very own Julia Smith had that very thought and is part way through an intensive crash course at Oxfordshire Golf Hotel and Spa.

Over a six-week period Julia is having one-to-one sessions with personal trainer Steve Simmons, three times a week. In that time she hopes to drop a dress size.

She said “I’ve never done anything like this before. After the first session I was absolutely exhausted.

“But the people here are extremely encouraging and it has got a lot easier now.

“Steve is really helpful and he often emails me during the day to encourage me.”

Julia said the facilities at the Oxfordshire are exceptional, relaxing and welcoming.

“I’m only two weeks into my regime and I’m feeling miles better already.

“Not only physically but mentally as well.

“People have said to me that I’m looking better and I can feel that some of my clothes are a little looser.”

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