Look again at the capital in Bucks

Ahead of London 2012, a Cuddington gallery is hosting a display designed to make art fans look again at some of the capital’s most iconic buildings.

The work of Ivan Green is on show at the Dadbrook Gallery until Sunday.

Gallery director Clico Kingsbury said: “We wanted to mark the occasion in an original way and Ivan’s work is a perfect choice.

“He depicts some of the best known and well-loved buildings in London but re-interprets them in an astonishingly creative way, which is deeply satisfying. Ivan’s method is to note his initial feelings and thoughts on site and then research to understand the vision of the original architects or sculptors – aiming to create a resonance of mind and spirit.

“Like much great art of the past his works reward the viewer’s close scrutiny.

“Tower Bridge, St Paul’s, Westminster Abbey, Horse Guards and others all take on new and sometimes startling additions which draw attention not just to the original structures and forms but also ask us to reconsider them thoroughly.

“Green challenges us to re-assess the familiar and to engage with his vision of our capital.”

For more details visit www.dadbrookgallery.co.uk