‘Little television and bed at 6.30pm’: 100 year old reveals secrets of long life

Violet Coggins from Haddenham celebrates her 100th birthday
Violet Coggins from Haddenham celebrates her 100th birthday

A sprightly lady who celebrated her 100th birthday this week shared the secrets of her longevity and good health.

Violet Coggins, who has lived in Haddenham most of her life, cycled until she was in her 80s, tried smoking for just one month, only drinks alcohol at Christmas and on her birthday and doesn’t have too much coffee.

Surrounded by nieces and a nephew, she revealed her tips in her cottage home in Skittles Green.

“I am very very well in myself,” she said. “I keep active, eat sensibly and regularly, and I have always had young people around me.

“I don’t do so much cooking now, my nephews bring me easy meals.

“I’m well looked after, I count myself very lucky.”

Mrs Coggins, who was thrilled to receive a card from the Queen, also revealed she watches very little television and goes to bed at 6.30pm. She was born in a cottage in the High Street to Joseph and Lucy Johnson and had three brothers and two sisters. She attended the Church School and left at the age of 14 to go into domestic service.

She married Frederick Coggins when she was 40-years-old and the couple, who had no children, ran a smallholding. In 1961 Mrs Coggins was widowed and moved across the road into a smaller cottage.