Limits on who can qualify for social housing waiting list proposed

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More than 9,000 people are currently on the housing register in Bucks and only around 1,700 properties became available last year.

At the moment the housing register is ‘open’ and anyone may apply to be included on it.

But Bucks Home Choice, which administers the list for Aylesbury Vale District Council, says there are a lot of applicants on the open list who stand very little chance of being homed and ‘precious time is diverted from helping people with a genuine housing need in order to process applications’.

Proposals include:

> Excluding people who live outside Bucks

> Limiting allocation to districts rather than the whole county (currently applicants can qualify for housing anywhere in Bucks regardless of what district they live in)

> Excluding people who are considered ‘adequately housed’.

> Definition of ‘adequately housed’ changed to make children of different sexes sharing a room together until the age of 10 acceptable.

> They are asking for views on whether people in rent arrears should qualify for the list.

> They want views on whether people who are homeless ‘as a result of their own actions’ should be treated differently to other homeless people.

> It is proposed that Aylesbury Vale is divided into four zones, with applicants only qualifying for housing in the zone they currently live/ work in.

The proposals are being consulted on until June 22.

Councillor Pam Pearce, AVDC cabinet member for community matters, said: “The demand for social housing in Buckinghamshire far outstrips supply, and there are a number of changes taking place to social housing as a result of government reforms which also include changes to housing benefit.

“All these factors mean that it is essential we look at the best way to help those most in need of housing.

“I would like to encourage everyone to have their say on the proposals to ensure that the decisions we make represent the views of local people, at the same time as looking to support those in greatest need to get the help they deserve.”

To take part in the consultation log onto