Life on the road with music greats revealed in new book by Thame author

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A retired sound engineer from Thame has shared his experiences of life on the road with famous music stars in a new book.

‘Soundman - A Journey Through Rock’n’Roll Sound’ has been written by John Wilford and traces his 30 years working as a sound engineer, tour manager and production manager with well-known bands and musicians.

The book is a behind-the-scenes look into what happened on stage, back stage and at sound checks, in the TV and recording studios, on the tour bus and in the hotels.

It is an insider’s view, covering the good, the bad and the downright disastrous, from the pubs and clubs to Wembley Stadium and The Hollywood Bowl.

John, also known as ‘Wilf’, was born in North London. After studying radio, television and electronics servicing he joined a semi-pro group as a roadie before working full time as a professional sound engineer.

John worked for Midas Amplification where he built sound mixing consoles for many famous touring artists including Pink Floyd’s Quadraphonic mixing desk. He went on to set up sound companies in Newcastle and Nashville, USA which he later sold, and then worked for Concert Sound up until his retirement.

John said: “For many years friends have been telling me that I should write a book about my life on the road. They told me that not many people had been there right from the start during the 1960s or worked with so many different types of bands and artists from different genres.

“This is also a history and evolution of the Rock ‘n’ Roll sound system as it came to be used in the entertainment industry and by many performers around the world.”

The book has just been published by The Book Guild Publishing, priced £12.95.

ISBN: 9781912362691 Visit