Lidington warns government not to spend all its money on £500m south Bucks HS2 tunnel

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AYLESBURY MP David Lidington has written to transport secretary Justine Greening arguing that a new £500 million tunnel in south Bucks should not take money for mitigation away from the Vale.

It follows the delay in the government’s announcement on HS2 through Bucks, so that, it has been speculated, they can assess whether to build a tunnel to mitigate the train line’s effects in the Amersham area.

But in a letter the Aylesbury MP says: “My constituency currently has very little in the way of mitigation and my constituents are understandably concerned that should this additional tunnelling go ahead there may be less scope for mitigation on other parts of the line including where it passes through my constituency.

“They also believe that regardless of this recent speculation that there is a strong case for tunnelling of the route where it passes close to Wendover, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury and Fairford Leys.”

Mr Lidington said on his website: “I continue to believe that should HS2 go ahead serious consideration needs to be given to further mitigation measures in the local area, including tunnelling.

“I can assure you that I am making the case to the government that if HS2 goes ahead it should impact the local area as little as possible.”