Lidington furious at yet another blunder by HS2 Ltd

David Lidington MP
David Lidington MP

David Lidington says he is struggling to control his temper after HS2 made another blunder in letters to worried Walton Court residents.

Families were staggered to receive letters this week which suggested their homes are at fresh risk from being purchased by the Government less than a month after the original threat was put down to a typo in letters sent out.

Chief executive of the £50 billion project, Alison Munro, apologised to Mr Lidington for the alarm it caused his constituents early in November and clearly stated no homes would be taken. But now new letters have reignited panic.

The Aylesbury MP said yesterday: “I shall be complaining vigorously.

“They have written to everyone in the country with the same letter, from those with gardens that they want access to for half a day to those that will lose their homes.

“What I find unbelievable and inexcusable is that there is no covering letter that makes any distinction.

“There is no excuse and they deserve every bit of flak that is flung at them.”

HS2 spokesman Gareth Greene said they were legally obliged to send out parliamentary standing orders stating they have the power to acquire properties if they need to but Walton Court homes will not be compulsory purchased.

Mr Greene said: “We never have intended to do so and never will.