Library backed by MP John Howell

The first of MP John Howell's columns
The first of MP John Howell's columns

JOHN Howell has spoken out about the need to keep Chinnor library, although admits cuts do need to be made.

The local MP was in Parliament when a public meeting on the matter took place, but he has expressed his views on the matter.

He said: “I believe that it would be wrong for Chinnor not to have a village library and we must do all we can to make sure a library remains part of the village. However, there is a legitimate debate to be had as to what is the best way of making this happen.”

Although it is a county council matter, Mr Howell does not want to see the library become victim of progressive cuts and so is looking for a viable alternative.

He said: “I am keen that there is at least an exploration of the alternative of a community-run library staffed by volunteers. I don’t pretend that this is an easy route to go down and it will involve a lot of tough negotiation with the county council to get the best possible deal for the village.”