Letters to the editor: More thoughts on Sainsbury’s applicaton

MCBT Letters to the editor
MCBT Letters to the editor

‘Please not another Sainsbury’s store’

Lesley Evans,


I REFER to your headline in The Thame Gazette last week saying that Sainsbury’s is crucial to the Cattle Market.

Another Sainsbury’s is most definitely not crucial to local residents and we do NOT need yet another expensive mini supermarket.

As a busy working wife, mum and grandparent, I do not have time to traipse around all the mini supermarkets in Thame in a usually unsuccessful and time consuming effort to get my weekly shop.

I will continue to use Asda where there is lots of choice and much cheaper prices.

I usually see more people I recognise in Asda than I do in Thame itself – it speaks volumes doesn’t it!

Additionally the North Street area will struggle with the higher traffic levels yet another supermarket will bring.

It has struggled more than ever recently with the extra traffic from the Christmas and New Year shoppers using Waitrose; quite often queuing around the roundabout and up North Street, Bell Lane and the Aylesbury Road.

I live very close to this area and already have to contend with parked cars in the local streets (mostly Waitrose employees) who have effectively made these streets “one way.”

They even use the private resident’s only car park in Simmons Way!

The Lashlake area, Moor End Lane, Abingdon Close, Simmons Way, Webster Close just does not have the capacity for even more cars.

Why not build houses on the Cattle Market site with the proviso that a Community Centre is also built – much like the one that was “promised” (but never materialised) on Lea Park when it was built?

New store may see our children suffer

Roger Ridler,


I BELIEVE the Sainsbury’s for Thame proposal is overlooking some of the existing activities such as the following.

During the school year I, as a volunteer, organise visits to Racquets Fitness Centre (located in the cattle market) for the three primary schools in Thame.

The programme is for the Year 5 or 6 classes, each of 30 pupils attending four times for one hour to receive a taster of squash, gym exercise and ball co-ordination.

Each year approximately 180 pupils take part from Barley Hill (three classes), John Hampden (one class) and St Joseph’s (two classes).

This leads to my concern that should the Sainsbury’s proposal take place the schools programme will be at risk.

Racquets Fitness Centre is currently within walking distance of all the schools but with the relocation of the club to a new site, the pupils will no longer be able to walk and take part in the this activity.

The schools fully support this activity but will be unable to fund the cost of any transportation required.

This programme has been running for six years and is an important part of the need for increased physical activity for children, don’t let us lose it.