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MCBT Letters to the editor

Think before you fight Sainsbury’s

Kathy Ellis,


MY family have been residents of Thame for the last 18 years and appreciate the rural aspects of this market town.

While the invitation to comment will almost certainly only bring opinions from those opposed to the scheme, who will probably be a minority faction, we would like to voice our support for it.

In response to the letter from Andrew Marcus I would say that, if anything, the Sainsbury’s shop would serve to bring more people into Thame as we, in common with a large number of other Thame residents, tend to do our main shop elsewhere.

The new store would only sell food and the demise of the smaller shops in Thame, which is already happening, is being caused by the recession and the greed of landlords charging excessive rents.

I was unable to attend, but other members of my family visited, the Sainsbury’s presentation in the town hall recently. They came back impressed and enthusiastic about the proposed development.

Having read the article in The Thame Gazette this week it seems obvious to us that the relocation and, hence, future existence of the cattle market in the town depends on the Sainsbury’s scheme coming to fruition.

We strongly support the application on the grounds that:

1) It will secure the future of the cattle market in Thame.

2) It will create a tasteful and architecturally pleasing development for the cattle market site.

3) It will create a large number of new jobs in the town.

4) The proposed community centre (otherwise un-affordable), to be provided by Sainsburys as part of the development, would be of great benefit to the residents of Thame.

5) This development, along with the increased parking available on the site, (which I understand will be available to all) will also include increased parking, also financed by Sainsbury’s, in other areas of the town.

In conclusion I would say to those who are in doubt: Have a look at the proposal plans and give some thought to who else would have the financial backing to develop this site.

In the present financial climate, which is forecast to worsen, it is only large companies like Sainsbury’s etc, or housing developers like Wimpey and co who would have the capital to fund the redevelopment of such a large site.

Call to boycott new superstore

Tom Rayfield,


THAME needs a giant Sainsbury’s like a hole in the head.

The existing Sainsbury’s and the Co-op are fine and the big Waitrose just down the road is excellent. They are quite enough for Thame.

If Sainsbury’s does go ahead we should all simply stay away from the new store to teach them a lesson.

Tolerate our Remembrance

Henry Blyth,


THANK you for printing Squadron Leader Garrett’s criticism of this ceremony (in a recent edition of The Thame Gazette).

As the girl says in ‘The importance of being earnest’, our spheres have been very different.

Like Garrett, I can no longer march, but I was allowed to get up to the War Memorial on my electric scooter, and then move over and sit on the wall during the service (standing up for the hymns and the Last Post.)

The parade marshal (also an RAF man) set a pace which seemed uncomfortably slow for members of the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry like me and the TA chairman used to 140 to the minute not 120, but that has to be tolerated.

It is simply untrue that the parade had not been planned, and the large number of scouts, cubs, guides, brownies etc, also learned a lot.

I am particularly proud that among the wreaths laid at the memorial is one to the Polish dead, which was introduced in Thame before any other town or city in Britain.

I have indeed sat on the Thame Town Council (though only for a year, because I insisted on voting Labour) and had the greatest respect for men and women who could give their time to it.

Finally, though I had the privilege of commanding a platoon for a couple of months at the end of the Korean War, before being invalided out, I have to think very hard to remember someone who died (and I don’t know his name).

Since Garrett gives his decoration, I will add mine. Henry Blyth MC.

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