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MCBT Letters to the editor

‘There will be no going back if Sainsbury’s given green light’

Andy Gunn


DICK Jennen’s article (Gazette, December 9) concerning the proposed arrival of Sainsbury’s new ‘big store’ does indeed give the residents and shoppers in Thame much to ponder.

His thoughtful and insightful letter warns us that should such a large store arrive in Thame (and it is by no means certain that this will be the case as their advertising seems to imply) there will be no going back to our range of independent shops.

As a town we do need to discuss and consider the influence that this move by Sainsbury’s will have on the future shape of Thame.

Mary Portas’s report and recommendations on the state of our town centres and high streets came out last Tuesday.

Her review reminds us that many high street outlets stand empty for a variety of reasons not least of which is the ever increasing march of the big four supermarkets across our townscapes.

Their prime interest is market share not market town survival.

I think Thame welcomed the arrival of Sainsbury’s on the Woolworth site but that is where it must stay, as another shop among others, not vacating that position and dictating what should be on the Cattle Market site.

The people of Thame should decide what this site is to be used for and be active in deciding the future of Thame as a market town .

Thame needs to address drugs issue

Name and address supplied

IT would be good to see this town involved in acknowledging the drug problem and look at what can be offered to support those struggling with this problem.

Whilst all the current plans are very nice, having stopped off myself at the town hall to view the plans; I was disappointed to see the lack of reality of being a teenager or indeed adult in this town with addiction issues.

If you’re 13 or 14 years old and want to score skunk or cocaine in Thame, its not hard.

In fact most drugs are available in this town and are used by far more people than is recognised.

How many more people have to die in Thame and the surrounding villages before the lives of addicts and alcoholics begin to matter?

How many more have to end up in the psychiatric system?

I for one would like to be part of the solution and not ignore this any longer.