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MCBT Letters to the editor
MCBT Letters to the editor

‘OH Thamensian how wrong you are’

Roy Harmes


HAVING just read the Thamensian’s article in last weeks’ Gazette, I felt I must write to express my wholehearted agreement with everything he says.

Having lived in Thame all my life I can remember when, aged nine, the thrill of seeing all the amusements being set up and enjoying the experience of walking through the fair before it was fully finished and to find out which amusements were where.

The Show was always on the rec, and the perimeter was surrounded by canvas sheets tautly attached to poles to prevent people just walking in and not using the proper entrance; us boys used to venture along to Bates Leys railway crossing and climb up on the bank at the edge of the line and peer underneath the canvas to watch the horses in the parade ring; now there is Conduit Hill and no railway!

Sixty years later, I still find the fair an exciting experience and have heard the arguments for moving it elsewhere for many, many years.

It is well recognized that these are economically hard times but as Thamensian says, three days out of 365 is not much to ask for the traditional street fair to continue.

The Thame show was, and perhaps still is, the largest one day show in Britain and I am sure readers will know it has been held for more than 100 years.

And as for moving the show date to the end of July? Well, I rest my case.

‘But he got it wrong over car parking ...’

Ken Bennell

Thame and District Lions Club

OH Thamensian how wrong you are about the car parking on the Southern Road recreation ground.

We have been car parking on the rec for at least the last 25 years and this year was no exception raising £450 for local charites.