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MCBT Letters to the editor
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‘It’s a choice of be shot, or hanged’

Ralph Ingham-Johnson

Address supplied

YOUR un-named correspondent is quite right: SODC is not going to listen to local opinion and indeed, if they are honest, they will ask just one question: do you choose to be shot or hanged?

The council vote probably took into account the robust resistance that met the Cubitts plan to build between Thame and Moreton in the 70s and later - unsuccessfully -opposed the building of the Phoenix Trail at the end of their back hardens.

They are a battle-hardened bunch in that part of town. That said, what undoubtedly dazzles the bureaucrats is the extra income from community charges: not far short of £1.5 million a year at present rates.

Think of all the diversity outreach workers you could employ with that sort of money.

Of course, the council has form on this: in the early 80s, a poll taken in the town showed Thame residents did not want any further expansion and it was a lot smaller then. That was over-ruled.

Your correspondent is also right that additional roads would be needed.

Moreton Lane could not take the traffic generated by 2-2,500 extra people the UK average of vehicle population suggests that implies another 1,200 cars, so that would not work.

What seems not to have sunk in with the town is that the increase in population will expand the town by just under a quarter.

This is a huge increase for a small town that will prove enormously destructive.

I am in no doubt that the pressure on the town centre will create pressure for traffic schemes that will endanger the character of the town and probably destroy it.

I have lived in this area since the early 70s and in Thame itself since 1977.

However, I think now there is only one option left.

If this scheme goes ahead, I head for the exit.

Housing should be appropriate

Bob Austin, Chairman

I WISH to clarify the attitude of the Towersey Road Neighbourhood Association towards Thame’s expansion.

The Association recognises that there is, undoubtedly, a need for more housing but that it should be appropriate and proportionate.

It is also the Association’s view that the current demands on Thame are excessive.