Letter: Contradictions over Tesco points

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Your letters

In response to Ms John’s letter re the siting of Tesco’s – I find the comments made somewhat contradictory in that she has a concern for the preservation of Thame with its appeal to tourists.

Being a ‘true’ local resident having been born and raised in the town and having seen its development over many years, I fully appreciate the importance of the need to preserve and maintain ‘exclusive independent’ shops in order for the character of the town to remain and I fully appreciate those such shops being a ‘vital ingredient’ in the economic viability and success of the town – the building of a new supermarket on the Cattlemarket within the town surely would not be in keeping with its character and appeal and surely contradicts her point.

Would not the practicalities of road congestion and parking be exacerbated by such siting on the Cattlemarket and cause even more hazards- I would question whether Ms John’s is aware that BarleyHill School is situated directly next to the Cattlemarket – there is no need to point out the obvious potential hazards and dangers which could arise with parents and children going to and from the school on foot and those being dropped off – safety should be an important factor for ALL not just motorists.

Ms John’s refers to Tesco as an’ out of town development’ – an ‘out of town’ development could infer the building of a ‘shopping centre’- the building of one supermarket does not constitute such a development!

If the town wishes to maintain its appeal to visitors and tourist alike then the answer is not to add more congestion on those roads directly leading into it but to surely build on the outside – already new houses are being infilled on any spare piece of land within the town - by landowners possibly wanting to cash in on the towns appeal - Thame will surely be in danger of imploding upon itself if further development is allowed within the confines of the town centre and its very immediate surroundings!

R Lester