Learn how to shift those spare pounds for free

Free seminars on how to lose excess weight are being held near Thame.

Throughout September and October 2011, The Oxfordshire’s Private Trainer, Ben Fox, will be running the seminars on how to efficiently and naturally lose excess weight.

The sessions are aimed at everyone and will help the average person understand their body and make better choices for achieving their goals.

Come and listen as he shares his expertise on the matter in a free 45-minute seminar at The Oxfordshire club house.

The Fat Loss: The Solution seminar will take a comprehensive approach to weight loss, looking at the calorific equation for achieving fat loss, as well as exploring how hormones can stop us from losing weight.

It also highlights the practical changes to our diet that we can make based on this knowledge. The no nonsense, factual seminar will allow you to scrap myths of weight loss and discover the truth behind keeping that weight off.

The seminars will take place on Wednesday September 21 at 11am, Wednesday September 28 at 6pm, Saturday October 1 at 11am and Tuesday Octpber 4 at 6pm.

Ben Fox has been in the health and fitness industry for more than four years. He started his career by working at Thame Leisure Centre before attending The University of Reading to study English Literature.

At university Ben acquired extensive knowledge in health and fitness, during which time he worked part-time at the university gym, coaching the University of Reading’s Kickboxing Club and editing the Health & Food section of the university paper.

He chose to pursue a career as a personal trainer rather than a traditional graduate job because not only is it his interest but he passionately believes fitness is essential for improving physiological and psychological wellbeing. 

The product of this passion was the establishment of Health².  

Health² provides personal training, one-to-one cardio-kickboxing sessions and nutritional advice. Health² represents the philosophy of improving health, finding solutions, and achieving goals safely and effectively.