Last minute tips to get fit for 10k

Just five weeks until the Thame 10k
Just five weeks until the Thame 10k

WITH just five weeks until the famous Thame 10k, runners across the area are training hard for the race.

But for those who are struggling to get their stamina up in time, a handy five top tips has been given out by town fitness instructor George Anderson.

1: Gradually build up your distance and don’t worry about running the full 10k before the race.

If you build up too quickly you risk injuring yourself, so aim to add no more than a few minutes to your longest run each week.

2: Take plenty of rest. After a hard training session you should take either a complete rest day or just do an easy run.

This will give your body time to recover from the training and adapt so you get stronger and faster.

3: Eat plenty of protein. Chances are you’re getting enough carbohydrates from potatoes, pasta and rice already, but most runners are lacking protein in their diet.

Eat more chicken, fish, eggs and meat to ensure you have the nutrients in your body to help you recover from your training sessions.

4: Follow a training programme. If you don’t already have one you can download a free programme at

Guessing your way to the start line is a strategy fraught with obstacles, so find a programme you trust and can commit to.

5: Get support from other people. Thame Runners and Running Buddies are great places to find other athletes for support but if you can’t get to their sessions there is a free online support group set up specifically for the Thame 10k – visit