Landowner fears for safety after festival fall-out

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A landowner claims he has not returned to his Vale home and attended a High Court hearing because he is in fear for his life.

Police have made a public appeal for information regarding Errol Clarke, 49, of Aylesbury, who has been taken to court by the district council for allegedly breaking an injunction preventing his land being used for a gypsy campsite.

But he said: “My life is in serious danger. I don’t think the police seem to understand this.”

The High Court action relates to a gypsy Christian festival at Mr Clarke’s land at Riverside Farm, Pitchcott in August last year.

Mr Clarke denies the charge, claiming the injunction applies to a previous owner and not him.

And he says he never gave permission for the Light and Life Festival, where car crashes, public urination and trespassing took place.

He claims he has been threatened by some of the people who attended the festival which led to him fleeing Aylesbury and that he is being bullied to tell the court he gave permission for the festival to go ahead.

He said: “I can’t come into Aylesbury. I have to keep out of the way for my own safety.

“I know I’ll end up getting killed. It’s twice they have held something to my head and warned me.”

Mr Clarke attended the first High Court hearing but contacted The Bucks Herald to claim he was not notified of the second hearing.

He added that despite making a public appeal for his whereabouts, police actually have his telephone number.

He said: “I don’t know why the police haven’t called me. They can pick up the phone and just say ‘Mr Clarke we need to speak to you’.

“If they publish a date when the hearing is then I will attend it.”

Police have now issued two warnings for him to come forward.

A police spokesman was unable to go into details about the case but said it would be extraordinary if they had his telephone number but had not contacted him.