Ladies will face the flames at empowerment seminar

Lottie Moore
Lottie Moore

A businesswoman who has walked over 100 fires in one evening will walk over hot coals and encourage others to join her in a celebration of International Women’s Day.

Lottie Moore, founder of WISH Women, will lead ladies – and gentlemen – over the hot coals as a way of marking the day which is celebrated around the globe, focusing on celebrating the achievements of women and getting them to step outside of their comfort zone.

In 2010, Ms Moore went to Burkina Faso in West Africa with her daughter.

She spent time with the women there, ‘nourishing her soul’ and on her return to the UK, she said she was ‘filled with a renewed desire to live a life of purpose and passion’.

Ms Moore set up WISH Women three years ago and now an empowerment mentor, she has arranged a day for women on Sunday March 8 at the Thame Barns Centre with talks from world-class speakers and exhibits from local women in business, before the men are invited in for the final seminar and fire walk finale.

The event will also be supporting the Dignity and Hope Foundation – a locally run charity that partners with groups in Cambodia, particularly those working with women and children who have experienced trafficking.

Ms Moore said: “Fire walking is usually a really scary thing for individuals to face, but the huge sense of elation and achievement that you experience after the walk makes it all worthwhile.

“To face fear head on and step through it is an amazing experience – I think everybody should have the chance to fire walk at some point in their life.”

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