Lack of street numbering in town still causing problems seven months later

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Visitors to Aylesbury are being left confused by a lack of clear street numbering in the old town.

Graham Aylett, a committee member of Aylesbury Old Town Residents’ Association, wrote to Aylesbury Vale District Council asking for the problem to be rectified in March but has yet to receive a response.

He said: “They are not interested in doing the nuts and bolts jobs.

“This bloke I bumped into in Temple Square could not find a house. I had to walk around myself to remind myself which way the numbers go.”

Chairman of Hester Clarke jewellers, Chris Clarke, said: “It will be a great benefit to the street if people know where the shops are.”

Mr Clarke suggested putting arrows in place on the street names to show which direction the numbers go.

Mr Aylett added: “It’s important we have it in place so all the businesses can have their would-be customers find them.”

The council said it is aware but is awaiting updated tenant details from Friars Square and Hale Leys so it can ensure the Royal Mail occupier records are correct.

It said this can add to the confusion and that it would be ‘chasing up’ the matter.

Anyone with premises issues can contact the council on 01296 585460.