Label’s acts will gather at Towersey to celebrate 75 glorious years

Musician Eliza Carthy - who will curate the celebratory event
Musician Eliza Carthy - who will curate the celebratory event

The world’s oldest independent record label has chosen this year’s Towersey Festival to celebrate its 75th birthday.

A unique concert, which forms part of the popular festival, will celebrate all that is fabulous about Topic Records.

And the event, which takes place on Saturday, August 23, will be a double celebration - as Towersey Festival is 50 years old.

Acts on the bill include The Gift Band, Lau, Fay Hield, Eliza Carthy, Saul Rose and Blair Dunlop.

Festival director Joe Heap, said: “We are thrilled to be able to stage a very special concert as part of Towersey Festival’s Golden Jubilee.

“Topic has been such an incredible influence on generations of people, and this one-off performance is a unique opportunity to see many great contemporary musicians pay tribute to the label’s continued legacy.”

Formed in 1939, Topic Records has shaped the way people of many generations have listened to music.

The label has overseen seminal releases from the likes of Martin Cathy, The Waterson family, Shirley Collins and Dick Gaughan.

Eliza Carthy, who is directing the event said: “I’m thrilled to have been invited to host an event which celebrates Topic’s wonderful catalogue, in the company of up and coming artists who have obviously been as inspired and influenced by it as I have.”