Keep up resolutions at bootcamp

Keep fit by sticking to your New Year's resolution
Keep fit by sticking to your New Year's resolution

Sticking to your new year’s resolutions can be tough - but luckily if you live in Thame, help is at hand.

A bootcamp set up by fitness expert George Anderson is helping people who are struggling to keep their new year’s resolutions by devising a personal step-by-step programme to ensure they reach their goals.

He said: “Most people resolve to do things like lose weight, tone up and get fit, or quit smoking but don’t give enough thought as to how they are actually going to do it.

“The most important thing is to have a detailed plan - or at least aim to make one.”

Mr Anderson said that it is important to pick the right programme.

“You need to be confident that you will enjoy the process itself or you simply won’t stick to it.”

He also said that it is critical to remember why your goal is important.

“By focusing on the benefits rather than the actions themselves you create a context for when the going gets tough and you get tempted to quit,” he added.

Thame Bootcamp is offering free trial sessions, log onto for more details.