Keep calm and car share ... it’s National Liftshare Week

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Running all this week until October 5, Liftshare Week is a national campaign which encourages more people to share either a one-off or regular car journey, such as the commute to work.

The theme of this year’s campaign is patriotism and nostalgia. Although the idea of car sharing is not new, reducing the cost of travel through sharing journeys is becoming increasingly appealing in these current financial times.

Statistics show that the average car commute journey is 12 miles but by sharing the journey, drivers could save 170 litres of petrol and 400kg of CO2 in a year.

Finding a car share partner is simple. Bucks CarShare is a web-based service which matches drivers and passengers travelling in the same direction. There are over 1,700 members currently registered. Just visit and register free today.