Kate, 61, realises her teaching dream

Kate Camara
Kate Camara

A sixty-one year-old woman who spent eight years caring for her elderly mother will finally realise her dream of being a teacher.

Kate Camara will study the classroom-based part of the course at the end of the month and plans to make the move to Brighton to teach in one of the foreign language schools in the coastal town.

Her elderly mother Lois Siggs suffered from dementia and passed away last year at the age of 82, after living with her daughter for 10 years.

Kate, who lives and works in Princes Risborough, said: “I’ve always had a lot of contact with people from other countries through work and family, and being able to teach English is something I’ve thought about doing all my life.

“Unfortunately while my mother was ill I wasn’t able to do a great deal for myself, as most of my time was spent caring for her needs. She had been a very adventurous person and I know that she would be very proud of me.”

Kate – who is mum to two grown-up sons – is able to take the course thanks to a personal grant of £500 from insurance company Engage Mutual.

Since the launch of the scheme in January, the firm has made a significant difference to the lives of 45 customers in need of financial help to make their lives easier.

Kate applied for the financial helping hand from the mutual’s foundation, which has set aside £1m as an exclusive benefit for its customers to make their lives and their communities better.

Kate, who originally lived in Devon but moved to Princes Risborough to be closer to her sister, was the lucky winner picked from more than 700 other worthy entries.

She said: “The money from Engage will allow me to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

“I’ve had foreign students board with me before and always enjoyed helping them develop their understanding of the English language.

Engage’s head of community Anna Drabble said: “We’re delighted to be able to help Kate to complete her teaching course.

“She’s given so much of her time to caring for her mother, and although the circumstances are incredibly sad, Kate is now able to do something she’s aspired to all her life.”