John Bercow opens accessible home for people with spinal injuries

John Bercow PNL-140324-111156001
John Bercow PNL-140324-111156001

Vale MP John Bercow opened a new accessible house in Stone last week.

The house has been launched by Aspire, a charity that works to help people with spinal injuries, in partnership with the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust.

The property will act as temporary accessible accommodation for people with spinal cord injuries while a permanent solution is found.

Ian Silver, director of housing and community services at the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, said: “Two years ago at our Speaker’s House event, I was profoundly moved to hear the story of two people with similar injuries, but with two very different experiences of accessible - or at least in one case, inaccessible, housing.

“The words that have stayed with me are that ‘the Aspire House was my rehabilitation, I just got on with life’.