‘It will alienate voters’: Watermead to fall under Wing electoral ward

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The grouping of Watermead and Buckingham Park with Wing in the next county council elections will alienate voters, a councillor has warned.

Both areas are currently grouped with Aylesbury, but from May new electoral areas come into effect and see them joined with the Wing division, which includes Ledburn and North Marston.

The boundary changes reduce the number of county councillors from 57 to 49 to save money.

Lib Dem Councillor Raj Khan, who represents Aylesbury East, which includes Watermead, said the change will make it harder for councillors to represent voters.

Mr Khan, who has held the county post since 2005, said: “Although Watermead is a unique place of its own, it is part of Aylesbury town.

“My biggest fear is what have we got in common? What do people in Wing know about the issues of Watermead when the issues are vastly different to rural issues. One needs to be part of the community to know what the problems are.”

Councillor Netta Glover is the current county member for Wing. She agreed the changes were strange and has been visiting the areas that will become part of the ward after the election.

Ms Glover said: “To cut the number of councillors they have had to do some odd things. I don’t know how people will feel about being represented by someone 20 minutes away.

“It would be silly to expect everything to stay the same. The world changes around you and you have to adapt to it.”

Mr Khan claimed the change was politically motivated. He said: “The way they have done it is clearly advantageous to the Tories. Politics shouldn’t meddle with communities but unfortunately they’ve put politics before communities.”