It’s Union flak for council over flag

A11 Week 39'MCBH'DP'View - The Union Jack flies at Thame Town Hall
A11 Week 39'MCBH'DP'View - The Union Jack flies at Thame Town Hall
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THE debate concerning which flag should fly from Thame Town Hall has prompted fierce criticism of some town councillors.

Last week we reported that a suggestion to replace one of the two Union Jacks with a St George’s Cross, England’s national flag, was voted against at a meeting of the town council.

It was also suggested it would be more appropriate to hoist the European flag.

But in what was one of many letters to the paper, Thame resident Gary Newbrook said: “I am proud to be British.

“I am a member of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a sovereign state made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I was born in England. The town I live in is in England. Why can’t we fly the English flag?

“I guess that it is time for those of us who care about our heritage to fly our own St George’s flags.”

David Essex from Haddenham said: “Thame was an ancient part of England long before it was forced to become part of the European Union and I hope the residents of Thame will tell these town council representatives-of-no-one-but-themselves where to get off when they next come begging for votes.”

Councillor Mary Stiles countered: “As I am one of the councillors mentioned as speaking in the ‘great flag debate’, my words should have been put in context. I spoke after the deputy mayor, who was chairing the meeting, had read out the government guidance on this issue, which states that the flag of St George should be flown on St George’s Day only.”

Another reader, Kevin Goodchild, said: “Can someone inform them (the councillors) that we live in England and the St George’s Cross should fly with pride next to the Union flag.”

Edward King, also from Thame, said: “If it’s English ban it, If it’s a British tradition change its name so we don’t upset anybody, show some guts and fly our English flag, as for the one who wants to fly the European flag, go to Brussels you can wave all the flags you want.

“My father and brother fought in two world wars to prevent being ruled by Europe – a fat lot of good that’s done.

“As for the poll showing two thirds wanted it FORGET IT they don’t do what the people want they just do what they want.”

> For more on the debate please turn to pages 18 and 19.