It’s pedal to the metal for chiropodist who built his own car

Anthony Cherry with his Bertini GT25
Anthony Cherry with his Bertini GT25

A chiropodist has made his own sports car and hopes fellow petrol-heads will follow in his path.

Anthony Cherry, 34, is able to walk to his foot treatment clinic, which he has run for six years, from his Neyland Drive home in Aylesbury.

But the father-of-two prefers to hit the road whenever he can in his modified BMW sports car.

He has spent almost £70,000 over two years to design the unique kit for the Z3 and has created a ‘Bertini GT25’ in the process.

Mr Cherry will proudly showcase his creation at the National Kit Car Show in Stoneleigh this weekend.

He said: “I wanted to design an original sporty kit car that can be used every day – not a bone-crunching track day car or a classic replica.

“And I’m delighted with the results. The car drives superbly.

“People have said some nice things which is quite encouraging.”

The name Bertini is Mr Cherry’s late grandmother’s maiden name. She was an orphan from Florence in Italy and came to England to marry his grandfather after the Second World War.

Mr Cherry said he was inspired to make his own seven-piece body panel replacement kit as he did not like what was available.

But he needed help along the way, including assistance from ‘a brilliant man in a shed’ to bring the design to life.

Mr Cherry’s £3,700 kit, when fitted to a BMW Z3, will give the driver a unique design for less than £10,000.

The result is a Bertini car which is 18cm shorter and 40kg lighter than the original Z3 and can be fitted in less than two days.

Mr Cherry said: “I’m working on a comprehensive manual for those interested and even a DVD.

“I really want to make it as easy as possible for customers so they have a positive experience.

“If you’re experienced it can all be fitted in 40 hours. But a lot of people are put off when they get to a bit they can’t do and stop.”

Mr Cherry currently has four kits ready to go and plans to produce a dozen each year.

He said he hopes there will be interest in his kits and he would be prepared to bring someone in to run the business day-to-day if so.

Mr Cherry said: “I’d like to keep it as a hobby because when it’s no longer a hobby, it becomes less enjoyable.

“But I’d definitely recommend the process. I’m really happy with how it came through.”

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