‘It’s not all about naked women’

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A TEAM of athletes are on a mission to change the public’s perception of pole dancing by taking it on as a sport.

The Pole Attack club from Thame are eager to drag it away from the reputation of seedy bars and show that it is an aesthetic way to get fit.

They have been running for 12 months and are now entering a national competition to pit their ability against some of the best dancers in the country.

Trainer Helen Walker said: “I think it is unfortunate that it seems to have a bad association and people automatically raise their eyebrows when you talk about pole dancing.

“But it is all about bringing everyone together and having fun so that is what I want people to see.

“We are always seeing celebrities on tv doing ice dancing wearing next to nothing and that is seen as acceptable, but people still seem to have a bad image about pole dancing.”

The Pole Unity competition in London next month will be the first time the group have competed together and Helen believes this will help show what Pole Attack is about.

She said: “Being a charity event shows it is worth changing minds about because some may think it’s all naked women.”