‘It’s like a dream’ family celebrates a month at sea

Sienna Brown
Sienna Brown

Couple who have set off on a round the world sailing adventure with their three-year-old daughter have celebrated a month at sea.

Kim and Simon Brown, together with their daughter Sienna have so far travelled from Gibraltar to Malta via Algeria and then on to Sicily.

And Kim, who is home schooling Sienna aboard the 56 ft Oyster yacht says that despite sea sickness and a leak on the boat, the journey so far has been like a dream.

She said: “For the most part I’ve been on a serious high. Each day I seem to blank out a few seconds, perhaps forgetting where I am, and then when I return to my present reality I think ‘someone just pinch me as this can’t be true. I am truly living in a dream world.’

“At first everything was new. Not only the country we were in but the boat too. Everything was strange.

“There was no routine, no known comforts and very little that was familiar. At least now, we’re all starting to feel familiar with the boat - we know where most things are and we feel more settled.”

The family have been keeping in contact with friends and relatives back home via email, and have made new friends via Facebook, their website and @sailingbritican Twitter feed.

Kim said: “I must say that I’m becoming more comfortable with being around non-English speaking people.

“At first I was afraid to approach foreigners for fear of them not knowing what I’m saying.

“Now I give it a go, and usually end up with the desired result. I’m discovering that anything done with a smile tends to end up with a positive result.”

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