‘It is a memory I will never forget’

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IT has been a year to remember for Olivia House after the Thame student travelled to the remote parts of Uganda as a volunteer.

She had to teach primary school classes of more than 60 children and live in a house without the luxuries of electricity but the experience will be one she never forgets.

She said: “It is definitely something I’ll live with forever. I am going to look for, and make, opportunities to fundraise for the charity and continue to support it in Britain. It’s hard to truly understand what Africa is like unless you have actually been there, it’s incomparable to anywhere in Europe, and impossible to forget.”

The 19-year-old was given the opportunity after being awarded a Joan Camp Bursary but there was still work to be done to raise the cash needed for the trip.

She spent the first part of her gap year working more than 60 hours a week, juggling three jobs as a barmaid, checkout assistant and a supervisor.

Olivia’s time in Uganda could even change her career path after she admitted to seriously considering changing university courses.

She said: “I am contemplating changing from history to international relations as I was in Uganda for the presidential election and there were lots of protests while I was out there.”

To help raise money for the cause, call 01494 712932.