Is there a flagging sense of patriotism at council?

The Union Jacks were flying at the recent Thame Foof Festival
The Union Jacks were flying at the recent Thame Foof Festival

THE English flag will not fly from Thame Town Hall after councillors voted against a proposition to swap one of the current Union Jacks for St George’s Cross.

The motion at this week’s full council meeting was argued by councillor Mike Dyer with the support of Nichola Dixon, Vaughan Humphries and Peter Lambert.

The latter said he had taken a straw poll of local electors, which showed that around two-thirds were in favour of flying one Union flag and one St George Cross, instead of two Union flags.

However the four supporters were outnumbered by other councillors who argued against the proposal.

Councillor Mary Stiles said it would be more appropriate to hoist the European flag on the second pole. Cllr Adam Buckland agreed and was supported by Helena Fickling, Andy Gunn and Marius Ciortan.

The vote means that two Union flags will continue to fly at the Town Hall, except when foreign guests are making an official visit. On those occasions, one flag-pole will be used temporarily for the visitors’ national flag.

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