Is Marilyn motor the funkiest car in Aylesbury?

Marilyn Monroe has been immortalised in auto art on what is arguably the funkiest motor in Aylesbury.

The iconic film star appears in all her glory – complete with stars and stripes – on the back of Helen Wilson’s Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Helen Wilson, pictured with her Cruiser emblazoned with Marilyn Monroe

Helen Wilson, pictured with her Cruiser emblazoned with Marilyn Monroe

The now discontinued model is a bit of a hot-rod itself and the Marilyn artwork graces the boot, with the rest of the car finished in electric blue glitter vinyl.

It’s a full colour vinyl wrap on the rear and part wrap on the roof and bonnet.

Graphic designer Helen, 40, of Edinburgh Place, Aylesbury, said: “It certainly gets some looks.

“Sometimes I’m sitting in the car at traffic lights and people are staring and I think ‘What are they looking at?’ Then I remember what the car looks like from the outside.”

The Cruiser’s design actually changes with some regularity and even had flames leaping up the sides and front at one stage.

The current artwork ‘wrapping’ is by Helen’s brother Mathew Palfrey, a self-employed signwriter based in Manchester.

Helen’s dad David originally owned the Cruiser and ordered up the Marilyn graphic because it reminded him of his wife Kathleen when she was young.

The vehicle has won admiring looks when it appeared at the Stars and Stripes Classic Car Show.

Sadly David passed away last year following a brain tumour and the car was left to his grandson Connor, 16, but he is currently too young to drive it. He has nicknamed the car ‘The Pimpmobile’.

Helen said: “The whole thing came about because my dad loved to have a laugh. Life was about having a good time for him.” The family is now involved in raising funds for Brain Tumour Research and has recently contributed over £1,000.

The Cruiser still has further graphics to be added and Marilyn will be sporting some rather fetching headwear for the Brain Tumour Research Wear A Hat For The Day on Friday, March 28, 2014