Is 30mph too dangerous for Haddenham

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to reduce the speed limit in Haddenham to 20mph in the interests of safety.

The campaign has been launched by a group affiliated to the 20 Is Plenty organisation who recently successfully lobbied European Parliament to reduce the recommended speed limit in built-up areas.

A maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour in residential areas, which is just under 20mph, is now recommended.

According to campaigners, the changes would cut the EU’s annual 31,000 road fatalities by 25 per cent, a total of 7,750 lives saved each year.

Although a change is far from being formalised, the development is good news to those advocating a 20mph limit in Haddenham. For the Haddenham group it is not just about saving lives.

Andrew Gordon, a Haddenham resident and supporter of the move, said: “If cars moved at a slower pace through streets where people live, life would be less stressful and generally more agreeable for everybody, especially for children and their parents.

Fuel consumption and gas emissions would also be reduced.

“The advantages for the community would hugely outweigh the cost to drivers of a few extra seconds travel within the village.”

Haddenham parish councillor David Lyons said: “I see a 20mph speed limit as the cornerstone of a new deal between drivers and other people in streets where we live. A village like Haddenham should be among the leaders and not the laggards in this new thinking.”

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