Inventor developing board game with an extra dimension

The Triadem board
The Triadem board

A Towersey man believes that he has created a classic strategy game for the 21st century and is looking to bring his 3D board game to market.

Russell May’s game is called Triadem, with ‘tri’ and ‘dem’ emphasising the three dimensional nature of the game.

Mr May said that he first developed the game in the late 80’s.

He said: “This has been a hobby of mine for years.

“I developed the game with a partner but put it to bed from 1990-2010.”

The game itself takes place over three hexagonal levels, with each player occupying their own corner.

The aim is to get all your pieces across the board, with the twist of having both horizontal and vertical moves ensuring that the player always has plenty of options to consider.

The idea has been dusted off once again, and interest levels are already looking promising.

Mr May said: “We are collaborating with the local community to arrange events where people will be able to try the game.

“We took the game to the Towersey festival, which was three days and five hours each day. The tables were humming for the whole time.”

Mr May says that he is targeting anybody who enjoys a good game.

He said: “This game is along the lines of a classic like chess and draughts.

“There’s been extensive testing on the game, and the youngest player we’ve had who enjoyed it was a nine-year-old boy.

“So we’re aiming at anybody over that age who enjoys a classical board game.”

The venture is still a part-time hobby for Mr May, who hopes to build up enough interest to eventually take the game nationwide.

He said: “I want to build this up from the ground instead of just taking the idea to somebody for manufacturing.”

There are two events to sample the game in the Towersey village hall on the afternoons of November 3 and 10. No booking or previous experience is required.