International conservationists flock together to learn from Aylesbury’s peregrine falcon programme

Peregrine falcons at top of County Hall in Aylesbury
Peregrine falcons at top of County Hall in Aylesbury
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Conservationists from around the world have been hearing about Aylesbury’s peregrine falcon project.

Two council officials were invited to speak in Slovakia at the first international conference on the protection of birds and bats in buildings.

Aylesbury Vale District Council biodiversity team’s Matt Dodds and Bucks County Council ecologist Mai Nielsen presented a talk on the project, focusing on how a peregrine falcon nesting platform was built at County Hall.

Ms Nielsen said of the EU funded Zvolen trip: “It was very exciting to get the opportunity to present the results of a great partnership project to conservationists from around Europe. The presentation and project was very well received and we are hoping that we have inspired others to create similar projects and thereby help save threatened species in towns and cities.”

The district council’s biodiversity team project lead, Paul Holton, described the project as ‘a wonderful example of what conservation gains can be achieved through imagination, dedication and teamwork’.

He said: “Thousands of people from around the world logged into the AVDC website to watch the day-to-day struggles of our peregrines. Next year we hope to make further improvements to the cameras, platform and project to enable the public to gain even greater enjoyment and involvement from ‘our’ birds.”