Inmates subdued after prison violence

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Specially trained staff were called into action at a young offenders unit after violence flared during an incident involving four inmates.

The problems started at around 1.15pm on Monday. The incident was resolved quickly and there were no injuries to staff or prisoners.

Workers at the Aylesbury institution in Bierton Road are trained to respond to incidents of violence and the prison always has a team of specially trained staff on site who are ready if required.

Governor Kevin Leggett said: “The staff are well trained and we do lots of contingency training and obviously that pays off.

“The staff know what to do if there is an incident. The prison went back to its normal routine as soon as the incident was concluded.”

No other police forces were involved in the incident.

The Aylesbury unit opened in 1847. In 1989 it was designated as a long term young offender institution, which holds 17-21 year olds who have committed the most serious types of crimes and been handed the longest sentences as a result.