Illegal rave lands man £4,500 bill

Robbie Brophy, organiser of illegal rave in Ivinghoe
Robbie Brophy, organiser of illegal rave in Ivinghoe

THE organiser of an illegal rave in the Vale which caused misery for scores of neighbours has been handed an Asbo and ordered to pay £4,500.

Robbie Brophy, 20, organised the rave at the National Trust’s Ashridge Estate in Gallows Hill, Ivinghoe in October.

The event attracted up to 500 revellers – including a number from Aylesbury – and the music was so loud it could be heard from 10 miles away, attracting complaints to police from more than 30 householders in the area.

The rave led to gates being left open and farmer’s livestock escaping onto the roads, while a scheme conserving rare insects was put back by 10 years due to environmental damage.

It took National Trust staff 90 man hours to clean up the mess.

PC Gareth Morley, from Aylesbury CID, said police managed to break up the gathering after it had been going on for ten hours.

He said officers found evidence of Class A drug use while revellers had also got high from inhaling laughing gas.

He went on: “We will not tolerate illegal raves. They cause disturbance to local residents and damage to the environment, especially in areas of scientific interest and natural beauty such as this one in Ivinghoe.

“We will seek to robustly prosecute organisers of such events, and part of this action will involve the seizure of vehicles and sound equipment.”

Lawrence Trowbridge, from the Ashridge Estate speaking on behalf of the National Trust, said: “This activity was a selfish act of all the individuals involved.

“While an organiser has been prosecuted, everyone who attended this party is guilty of contributing to these damaging and disruptive effects.”

Brophy, of Haverhill in Suffolk, is banned from involvement in raves for three years.