Icy weather proves snow joke for fallers

Ambulance service advises people to stay in doors as more snow is forecast
Ambulance service advises people to stay in doors as more snow is forecast

In the last bout of snow. the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust attended 27 medical emergencies where people have fallen due to icy conditions in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The service advises that you should remember to keep warm and be safe on the ice and snow.

Road traffic incidents, slips and falls are common this time of the year and adverse weather conditions exacerbate pre-existing medical complaints.

30 per cent of people over the age of 65 will fall each year in the UK and 60% of them will experience another fall within a year.

In the 6 months from January to June 2009 the ambulance service attended 8,425 patients aged 65 years or over, of which 1,026 were repeat fallers. Helping to prevent falls, especially amongst older persons is a priority for the Trust as slips, trips and falls prevention is proven to improve the life quality of at risk patients and to free up valuable resources enabling the NHS to treat more patients more quickly.

Your local ambulance service needs your help to help to reduce unnecessary demand on the service. If in doubt, please stay at home and do not travel unless your journey is absolutely necessary while icy and snowy conditions prevail.

If you have to drive, please check the weather reports for your destination, be aware of black ice, drive more slowly and allow extra time for your journey. Take a shovel, warm clothing and something to eat and a warm drink with you so you’re well equipped should

you become stranded in snow.

Please do not become another casualty! Help us to keep ambulances free to respond to 999 emergency calls by following some simple advice: Ask yourself - is your call an emergency?