Iceberg ahead! Thame Dad all set to live on glacier (until it melts!)

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A father of two is set for the adventure of a lifetime as he prepares to be cast adrift on an iceberg.

Italian-born Alex, who has lived in Thame for 18 months, will be dropped on to an iceberg as it sheers away from a glacier off the coast of Greenland.

The 35 -year-old adventurer will then have to adapt to his dangerous new world as it slowly erodes around him.

And Alex is no stranger to adventure, he has alreday run across the Moroccan Desert and rowed 10,000 km across the Atlantic in 226 days.

He said: “I wanted to complete that journey so In 2011 I ran across America with the aim of closing the gap between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic.

“While I was running down the white line in the middle of the road for 5,300 kilometres I was already planning what I could do next and it suddenly came to me: how about trying to survive on the tip of an iceberg. You only need to bring your mind and it will be a mental challenge as much as a physical one this time.”

Alex and his wife and two young daughters have lived in Thame since December 2012 and he is currently putting the finishing touches to the plans for his next adventure.

He said: “I will live on that iceberg for as long as I can and see all the phases that it goes through.

“Eventually we know it will melt but I will live on it until that moment or until it is no longer safe.”

Thame Gazette’s very own Thamensian chats to Alex on page four.